School Campus

Brick By Brick We Build The Future

Besides administrative block, the main campus comprises of about 50 rooms including classrooms, 4 science laboratories, a voluminous library, adjoining a room for Work Experience Activities, Computer Science lab and a room for SUPW, a Medical room, a music room, sports room and spacious play ground with facilities for outdoor games i.e. Basketball, Badminton, Football, Kho-Kho, Volley-ball, Handball, Cricket, etc. to ensure highest standards of education and healthy development of pupils. Maths Lab and English Language Lab have also been developed.

The school building- comprises of `Primary block" (comprising classes Pre-Nurserv, Nursery, Kinder Garten and I to V), "Secondary block" (comprising classes VI to X) and "'Senior Secondary block" (comprising classes XI to XII). The school has spacious Assembly ground and permanent cemented stage for organizing cultural programmes, apart from a grand Auditorium. Many educational and moral thoughts of great leaders have been written on the school wails to invoke enthusiasm and patriotic feeling in the students.