Hi , we just reached our room. It was such an incredible day for all of us today, particularly for me. I was delighted beyond words to see you, Jaya, Aunty and Uncle and Gaurang. Thank you so much for your hospitality. We loved visiting the school. I was touched by the elaborate dance and music performances prepared for us. It reminded me of our childhood days when we had visitors and how we looked up to them. It was a pleasure to share our story with the smiling brilliant students.

I was elated seeing the school and the house in which I grew up. It made it even more special seeing it with you and Jaya. The time at Narwar ghat with calming waters of Ganga brought back all the beautiful memories. I really wish I could spent more time to soak in more of the love and energy from all of you. I will definitely have to visit again. In the meantime I hope to keep in touch.
With lots of love!
Ms. Sarita Yeola
Scientist at USA

From the moment we were greeted with wide-smiled nameste’s at the entrance of school from teachers, principal, and other staff, I instantly felt welcomed. Upon touring the premises, it struck me as a most wonderful, neat, organized environment — easy to imagine it a happy and comfortable place for soaking in all sorts of knowledge as children grow and learn. In fact, in that one short tour, I learned names of prominent Indians I probably should have known about, like singer Lata Mangeshkar or was reminded about astranout Kalpana Chawla. I picked up beautiful thoughts inscribed on walls throughout (particularly liked the one stating life is like riding a bicycle — to keep balance, one aught to keep moving). The absolute best part of visiting your school, however, was the reception from the students. From the Radiant smiles in every face, to the warmth of the welcoming song, to the eagerness to engage with us through thoughtful (and tough!) questions, to then giving us the opportunity to share a bit about ourselves, and then showing off, with such high energy, some cultural and freestyle dances. You are all so spirited, curious, beautiful, and full of potential. It was a joy to spend time with you. The gift of Indian musician figurines (so apt —because learning about your culture through your music, your dancing, and introduction to Saraswati was a such a hit for me) will hang on my wall at home as a remembrance of this precious experience, definitely an indelible memory during my 1st trip to India.
One Love!
Ms.Mercedes Beyna
Scientist at USA

Thank you so much for giving me the Opportunity to visit the school and meet with teachers and students. All the faces that I see today are all printed in my hearts.I will never forget this unforgetable memory in my whole life.
Flora Jow